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The web and the new frontier for hedge funds

In the past years they have been accused (not formally) of putting entire countries to their knees with their speculations. Now hedge funds are pointed out as protagonists of the new technology bubble.

According to the Wall Street Journal in fact, hedge funds have also started to bet on start-up of ‘social media’, those that use online social networks – like Facebook – to promote products and services of all kinds. Continue reading »

Consolidate your web presence with a blog

Today we are going to discuss how important is to differentiate your business from your competitors and how your website could help you out.

How? Through a Blog. Most of us knows what a blog is and how it works. Let's see how running a blog could help you to increase your web presence.

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Six golden rules about SEO

When it comes to improve the SEO ranking of you website, there are several things to consider. The list below represents a small overview of a bigger picture made of tens of different measures. The items included in this list are all related with things you should do when editing and promoting the content of you website. Continue reading »

Improve your web presence starting from your website

What do we mean by Web Presence?

A web presence is what we commonly define as a “trace of our interactions in a digital environment” (over mobile technologies, Internet or any other device linked to the web). This trail is the one providing data about actions performed within this digital cloud. Continue reading »

Find backlink to your website using different search engines

backlink is an incoming link to a website or a web page. In today’s SEO gold-rush these are very important since the number of backlink determine the popularity and importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage).

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