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Twitter keyboard shortcuts

Most of Twitter‘s basic functions are easy to execute and well know to each user. Anyone with an account would know how to write a new tweet, send private messages or replies without difficulty. However, there are keyboard shortcuts ‘hidden’ on the background of the twitter page that, although present for a while, are not known to most of the users.

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that are designed to save time for users, especially those least likely to use the mouse. Virtually all programs have these commands: browsers, editing software, media players and even sites like Twitter.

If a user, after accessing enters his page press the key ‘m’, a new box to send private messages:

Private message

Send a private message to any of your contacts


Similarly, if you press ‘n’, a new box opens up to write a new tweet:

send a new message

Post a new message into your twitter account

However, the most useful is the image search, which appears when you type the command ‘s’+’p’ (which stands for ‘search pictures’). In doing so, you can search for relevant images:

search image feature

Search images on twitter based on the keyword you give

Apparently, this last feature is available since at least June, according to TechCrunch. However, since Twitter has never announced his availability few users really used it.

To close any of the ‘boxes’ open with these keyboard short-cut just press the ‘Esc’ key.

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2 Responses to “Twitter keyboard shortcuts”

  • Harpi:

    Information was realy good………………..but would like to know………….is there any feature wherein you can send bulk tweets.


    • Hi Harpi,

      Thank you for the feedback. With regards to your question, I know that there are few free and paid tools that you can use in order to achieve what you are looking for. has a full set of functionalities (all for free) and, among those, there is one to send twitter direct message to multiple users.

      I hope this is what you are looking for.

      Let me know what do you manage to get out of it.


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