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Facebook vs Google Plus

Today we begin our infographic with a battle and interesting figures that are dominating the social media market. The clash between a ruling giant (facebook) and one on the making (Google+) is definitely captivating.

Some people say Google+ has it all; that it is the perfect mix between Facebook and Twitter. Others are pretty sure that Facebook will never ever loose the hedge built on these years and that Google is doing now too little too late.

And you? What do you think…

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Adoption rate model for Social Networks

Vincenzo Cosenza, an Italian digital strategist, has just finished his latest research on Social Networks Adoption Lifecycle.

Cosenza has applied the Innovation Adoption curve by Everett Rogers to social networks. The model  shows the stages in the adoption process for a new product by a consumer with the intention to plot their actual state and, hopefully, understand their future trajectories.

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Six golden rules about SEO

When it comes to improve the SEO ranking of you website, there are several things to consider. The list below represents a small overview of a bigger picture made of tens of different measures. The items included in this list are all related with things you should do when editing and promoting the content of you website. Continue reading »