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Consolidate your web presence with a blog

In our previous post we have been discussing how important it is to have a website in order to start building a professional web presence. We have set two general rules:

1. A web site should amplify the brand identity coming from the off-line experience of your business.

2. The same website should have a good degree of Usability with a clear message that will allow any new user to find what they are looking for easy and quick.

Today we are going to discuss how important is to differentiate your business from your competitors and how your website could help you out.

At this stage an element comes in to play a key role: a Blog. Most of us knows what a blog is and how it works. We probably spend good part of our time on the Internet reading and acquiring knowledge from what somebody else writes on theirs blog.

Despite the simplicity of the “idea” though this special type of web content has its own rules that you should know since a successful blog is the root on the top of which to build a successful web presence.

1. Google loves links

Google loves linksIt’s a fact that the almighty Google really loves links. These represent the core of the referencing model that is at the very heart of the Page Ranking system.

A website with good content will became a site that attracts links from other websites and, in this respect, a blog is the principal tool that allows you site to be authoritative.

Imagine: you REALLY have something to say about your business, your field of expertise, and you feel that you want to share this with everybody.

All of the sudden this page will transform your website on a POINT OF INTEREST on the journey that thousands of people every second do when looking for information. Your website will acquire credibility deriving from the relevance of the content included.

Promoting that page will be the next step for you to follow in order to attract links and, ultimately, push up you page rank.

2. “People” love fresh content

People love fresh contantThink for a second: would you come back to a website that doesn’t have new content and that seems to be like it was months ago?

A website that is able to offer new and fresh content is likely to attract new and repeated traffic based on a simple principle: people are interested in new information constantly. The attractiveness of your sites pass by this important rule, a new peace of information is the real  added value for a webiste. and you got to keep this one in mind.

No need to keep sending out emails or newsletters — if what you’re saying is interesting, then people will add you to their RSS feed and get an update everytime you write a new post.

Your article should consist of relevant information regarding the industry you work in, products and services you provide and the individual challenges of your target audience, you will get your business visible to your clients that might consider buying products and services you provide.

3. Follow, follow, follow & promote

Promote and followThe blogosphere is an a virtual world made of tens of people that, like you, are blogging about pretty much the same subject. For this reason it is CRUCIAL to follow them. Read, analyse, end engage into conversation by replying to theirs blog-posts.

But, while you are there, don’t forget to PROMOTE yourself, what you have wrote about similar object inviting users to read your blog. Encourage comments by asking questions in post, run polls and surveys, encourage your readers with blogs to write their own posts that extend ideas in yours, run competitions, offer special discounts for readers etc.

4. It’s also about personality

Personality in blogsBlogs establish your business’s personality. This is important becasue a company blog not only can showcase your news, your developments, or provide a forum for discussion and interaction.

A blog gives you the option to show off your personality, and have an identity ‘associated’ with your business.

Sometimes it makes sense for your business web site to remain a source of information and promotion for your business. It’s not always easy or appropriate to promote your own personality strongly on your business web site. But you can attract prospects for your business, and promote your knowledge and expertise as an individual ‘associated’ with your business on a blog.

5. Maintain your site and your blog linked

You should think carefully about how to integrate your blog with your company’s existing website. For instance, if you are blogging about a certain Service, then it makes sense to display a short version of that blog-post within the webpage of that Service.

In most cases you’ll probably also want to make sure your blog is on your main company domain ( will work well in helping both areas of the site to build your SEO authority) and that design elements are consistent between areas.

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