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Extend you Web Presence reach with RSS feed

Rss feed advantageRss feed, or, in other words, “Really simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”. Despite the multiple naming interpretations, when we talk about Rss we really mean something simple: the content sharing technology trough which we can access data published on news websites and blogs.

Is a well established and consolidated standard that has been put in place with the idea of allowing people to constantly access information they are interested to. It is an amazing and powerful tool but, yet the majority of Internet users still do not know what an Rss feed is and what it does.

This is absolutely too bad since a Rss newsfeed can speed up your web usage considerably, it can provide more information to you, and make your life easier in the process. Rss news feeds are simple to use and it most cases are easier than a web browser.

Ok, Rss is cool but…

We have seen before how important is to set a clear strategy when creating your business webiste. We have also seen how running a blog could help you to reinforce the web presence.

The question now is how implementing and using a Rss feed can help your business grow? In our continuous research in establishing the steps to follow when trying to enhance the Web Presence of your business, an Rss feed become an additional tool that could help you to achieve great results and maximise your exposure.

Set and feed your target audience

The principle is very simple: your website is what establishes the presence of your brand on the Internet. This means traffic, people looking at what you do and reading what you have to say about the field you work in. Easy, right?

But what if you would like to build a direct bridge between what you say and those people that show an interestest about you?

If people like you, there are good chances they would be ready to read again and again what you have to say. If people like you, there are good chances they would be ready to read again and again what you have to say They would probably be keen in knowing which views you have about your buisness domain…in other words, they are your target audience, and because of that, it’s paramount to find a way to constantly reach them every time you send out new content through your website.

This will ultimately build that direct link between you and them, it will guarantee traffic and, more importantly, reinforce your brand.’s also about SEO

By itself, an Rss feed is nothing more than text surrounded by computer code. But when combined with an Rss news reader or similar software, it then becomes a superior tool. Rss software normally pulls headlines from news sites or Blogs and presents them within your website. Think of it as a news alert, it actively polls a website to see if whatever new has been added.

RSS news feeds are regularly updated so your website will appear to have new content. The search engines look at this and will spider your website more often in an attempt to keep up with your ever changing content. This is of great valuable if your website contains frequently changing products or information.

If the search engines are spidering your website more often than your competition, your new content will be available sooner than your competitor’s . Having even the simplest RSS news feed on your website will increase your visitor’s experience and may help your website get noticed by the search engines.


Website + Blog + Rss feed: we have tried to highlight some guidelines about how you can do to enhance your web presence starting from the inner layer, the one directly linking to your image on the web.

1. A simple website is not enough: this has to be easy to use and understand and has to be able to transmit a clear and simple message.

2. We have moved on in discussing the importance of equipping your site with a Blog in order to provide fresh and valuable content to it.

3. And now we have seen how important is to set up that additional promotional tool: a direct link to your target audinece through an Rss feed.

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