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Optimised primary web presence: how to get there

So far we have seen how important is to set a web presence within the domain of your business’s website. I have called this “primary web presence” since it does focus the attention on those aspects that are around the functionality of your website:

Optimised primary web presence

In some way it might sound like the following assumption: before starting to explore the world, make sure you explore your home-town. Make sure you understand what happens around you and that you are familiar with it.

Your website: clarify what you are and what do you offer

The first point was to make sure that you get right some important factors about your business website. We have focused our analysis on two crucial aspects:

1. Your website should be easy to use and understand

2. Its purpose and message should be clear and well explained

The reason why I say that is because first of all you have to guarantee that whoever ends up visiting your site will find it because he or she is after the information included. This could be anything: from a product you sell, to a service you offer.

It doesn’t matter what as long as this “something” unique and well presented on the website. Too many words or a unprofessional look and feel that does not reflect the nature of your business and the user of your website will be lost for good!

Have you thought of consolidating your web presence through a Blog? 

We then moved into considering another important point about the effectiveness of your on-line presence: your Blog.

If you want to maximise the “primary web presence” you have to incorporate a blog within your website. The reasons why this is so important are different and all equally crucial.

1. It will allow you to keep your website up-to date with fresh content. I personally find pointless the idea of re-visiting a website that has the same content it had last time I visited.

2. It will increase the chances of better ranking on Search Engine Results Pages. Google as well as other Search Engines loves website that change constantly since (within certain limit) their continuous content renewal is a synonym of activity. If you add the whole idea behind blogging, with the myriads of links, keywords, information and references that might follow, it becomes easy to understand how this is a must if you want to push your site up on the organic search results.

3. By nature, a website with a well maintained blog is an invitation to repeat the visit. What it takes is only a visit from somebody really interested in what you say and that’s done. The chance for that person to repeat that visit in the future are pretty high.

RSS: the final step to extend your reach 

The last brick to add in order to get to that “optimised primary web presence” is the implementation of a RSS feed. Here too the reasons why this should be set up are different.

But, I believe that the most important one has to be found behind the idea of keeping your most faithful supporter up-to date when new content gets published.

Let’s imagine for one second that you are a fan of a band. You really like them and you can’t wait for the moment you will see a live concert of them…but you don’t know yet where and when that will be.

As a fan, the most logical thing to do then is to go on their website (assuming they have one) and look for that information.

What do you think will happen if that info is not there yet? The most logical think to do is to offer your fans the chance to get an update when new information about tour-dates and places will be available from your website. You can do that either with a Newsletter or through a RSS feed for your website.

This will automatically notify the user when new content will get published, allowing them to be always fully informed with news and events and assuring that repeated and highly interested visit will happen.

What should come next 

These 3 points where all focusing around the idea of improving the web presence starting from core, that primary level that is the one directly connected to the image of your company on the Web: your website.

In the next coming weeks we will look at other aspects around the issue of establishing and expanding your web presence through different platforms.

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